Going. | Standup comedy open mic night - Szpitalna 1

Standup comedy open mic night

20:00 | Niedziela, 4 lutego 2018
Szpitalna 1


0/5 zł

0/5 zł

Tonight we have a very special show as Dharmander Singh joins us all the way from Cosmic Comedy Berlin for an exclusive performance at open mic. Fun, full of energy and always ready to make you laugh Dharmander is one performer you cannot miss!

It's on again Krakow Standup Comedy open mic night at Szpitalna 1.

1. Entrance is just 5zl and it's free if you're on stage.

Get up on stage and bask in the spotlight for 5 minutes making people laugh. We'll even give you a free beer to help calm the nerves of doing so!

If you're not the type to enjoy stage time that's ok, we still love you. Bring some friends, have a laugh, have a beer and enjoy the evening.

If you do not have any friends you should still come along, we guarantee you'll meet new people or your money back!

If you're performing please let us know in advance on the form below so we can guarantee you a spot in the lineup, otherwise you risk missing out! If you're looking to perform please drop us a line to guarantee a spot:

When? Sunday 4th February, 8PM
Where? Szpitalna 1 (just off the main square)
How much? Free if you're on stage, 5zl if you're not

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