Going. | Reginald Bärris - Card-Carrying Comedian - Szpitalna 1

Reginald Bärris - Card-Carrying Comedian

20:00 | Niedziela, 25 marca 2018
Szpitalna 1


10/15 zł

10/15 zł

Reginald Bärris is a Vienna-based American comedian. Although a fresh face in the European scene, Bärris has quickly become a staple of the Vienna comedy scene, performing all over Austria and in several other countries across Europe. A contrarian at heart, Bärris dares to find humor where others shy away as he offers his unique perspective on race, patriotism, love, and the world at large.

When? Sunday 25th March, 8PM
Where? Szpitalna 1 (just off the main square)
How much? 15zl general/10zl students

Pobierz Going. i miej miejski kalendarz zawsze pod ręką.
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